Zoom Social Review – 9th February

How quickly the week goes.
12 people took part.

Apologies from Marie yesterday who was celebrating her birthday.We all wish her a happy birthday.
Also apologies from Sally who was on Granny duties.
I had a lovely Email from Cordelia after our meeting – she was on a walk and suddenly remembered it was Tuesday! Sends love to everybody. Next week she is working, see us in a fortnight.
This morning Rita rang.Lovely to see everyone. She will try and do better as far as hearing and speaking are concerned next time.We were catching up for nearly an hour.Sends love.

I understand Beryl B is getting sorted after the extensive flooding she had in her house following the flooding in Welsh Row.
I have spoken to Beryl E this week.Max who has been in Macclesfield since December
Is slowly making a recovery.The family are hoping he will be transferred to the Willows for rehabilitation next Monday.This is dependent on being completely Covid clear.Maureen rings Beryl at least once a week.The family speak very highly of the care at Macclesfield.

I have spoken to Geoff and Wendy H. Wendy was really unwell 3 weeks ago.She went to Wythenshawe. Since then she has been in again having tests. They can’t really find anything wrong. Think she may have had a small TIA.Wendy is suffering greatly from her arthritic problems.Wendy told me her care at Wythenshawe was great.

Noni wanted everybody to know Audrey H is in Macclesfield Ward 10.
This is really MU business.Audrey has had her hip pinned.She has nobody to care and help at all.
She is extremely muddled.please consider sending a card.
I understand Noni has caught up with Pat D recently.

Margaret told us her hip operation is at the moment on hold.She has to loose some weight.They are keeping her on the list for 3 months.

We understand from Margaret,Anne D is progressing after her Carpel Tunnel Operation. Thinking of her.

Janet has had information regarding Oasis from Lesley.More about this next week.

Janet did the prayer this week.Maureen offered to do next week. Please let me know if you would like to do this..

We have been planning to ask people to talk about their working life.
This week we made a start.Janet told us about her other life?
Elizabeth W fascinating.Followed by Fiona who had packed in a huge amount in.
Really interesting to know the secrets of our friends.Perhaps one or two other people will talk to us next week.

Many of our 70 year olds have now had their vaccinations.

Fiona and I hope to see some of you at our Zoom Service next Sunday.
I hope everybody has the link information.

Fiona will let you have the zoom link for next Tuesday.

Last but not least Fiona let slip she and Will were a celebrating their wedding anniversary.
Best wishes.

Fiona. and. Janet.

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