The Nether Alderley 200 Club has been formed in association with the Friends of St Mary’s to raise important funds to help maintain and support St Mary’s Church in Nether Alderley Parish.

The 200 Club is a simple and fun way to raise extra funds whilst adding an element of chance/good luck for its members throughout the year. For a monthly membership of just £5 per entry, your membership number(s) will be entered in a monthly draw. A minimum of 40% of the total subscription income received being distributed as prize money and the balance, after expenses, going directly to the upkeep of St Mary’s Church.

We have faithful congregations who attend our church and contribute to its upkeep by regular giving. However it is becoming increasingly difficult to fund the ongoing day-to-day expenditure as the cost of maintenance and upkeep, heat, light and insurance increases.

In addition to the regular giving by our congregation, we hold fund-raising events but we are also asking for your support in this fun initiative to ensure that our beautiful parish church continues to be well maintained, warm and welcoming all year round to those who wish to use it, be that for a baptism, wedding of funeral or to attend a special service at Easter or Christmas or simply for Sunday worship. It is hope that the 200 Club will provide a regular income for the church and will be overseen by the Committee and Treasurer.

The draw will be held on the second Sunday of each month, with entry form below. When your application form has been processed, and your first payment has been received, your allocated number(s) will be entered in the following month’s draw. The names of the winners will be published below.

All members must be 16 years of age or over.

Many thanks and Good Luck!

To enter, please complete the form below:

By clicking ‘Submit’, you confirm that you have set a standing order with your bank to:
Bank – Barclays Bank
Sort Code – 20-53-77
Account Number – 93716694
Account Name – Nether Alderley 200 Club
Reference – Usual Full Name

August 2021 – 1st Mr W Ablett, 2nd Mrs J Swales & 3rd Mr D Mogg
July 2021 – 1st Ms P Wolgram, 2nd Mr J Wareham & 3rd Mrs R Dyas
June 2021 – 1st Mr M Penlington, 2nd Mrs S Wilkinson & 3rd Mr D Mogg
May 2021 – 1st Mrs R Dyas, 2nd Mrs S Hilldrup & 3rd Mr H Cataquet
April 2021 – 1st Mr P Bean, 2nd Mr H Cataquet & 3rd Mr B Smith
March 2021 – 1st Mr D Mogg, 2nd Mr B Smith & 3rd Mr J Wareham
February 2021 – 1st Mrs M Worthington, 2nd Mrs J Swales & 3rd Mr P Reynolds
January 2021 – 1st Mr G Woolley, 2nd Mrs J Davies & 3rd Mrs J Swales
December 2020
November 2020 – 1st Mr P Reynolds, 2nd – Mr C Dyas & 3rd – Mrs S Bailey
October 2020
September 2020
August 2020
July 2020

June 2020 – 1st Mrs N Watkins, 2nd Mrs J Davies & 3rd Mr G Woolley
May 2020 – 1st Mrs S Bailey, 2nd Mrs H Jabr & 3rd Mrs I Jamieson
April 2020 – 1st Mrs J Swales, 2nd Mrs L Kershaw & 3rd Mr & Mrs Morgan
March 2020 – 1st Mrs M Worthington, 2nd Mr R Padfield & 3rd Mr J Wareham
February 2020 – 1st Mrs E Jackson, 2nd Mrs F Ablett & 3rd Mrs J Youatt
January 2020 – 1st Mr P Reynolds, 2nd Mr M Bell & 3rd Mrs S Wilkinson
December 2019 – 1st Mrs L Marsh, 2nd Mrs R Dyas & 3rd Mrs A Storey
November 2019 – 1st Mrs F Ablett, 2nd Mr P Robinson & 3rd Mrs E Fairhurst
October 2019 – 1st Mr M Bell, 2nd Mr J Wareham & 3rd Mrs F Ablett
September 2019 – 1st Mrs H Jabr, 2nd Mr P Reynolds & 3rd Mr C Dyas
August 2019
July 2019 – 1st Mr P Robinson, 2nd Mr P Reynolds & 3rd Mrs P Wolgram
June 2019
May 2019 – 1st Mr W Ablett, 2nd Mrs H Jabr & 3rd Mrs F Ablett
April 2019 – 1st Mrs E Shepherd, 2nd Mr J Wilson & 3rd Mrs E Fairhurst