Zoom Social – 2nd February 2021

I think 14 present – bit of coming and going so hopefully correct!
Few details about our faithful supporters.
Apologies from Sally granny sitting.
Apologies from Margaret feeling sad and cross because she went for her pre op on Monday which appeared fine, then yesterday she got a letter to say she could not have the op because her her body mass index too high and has to loose a stone. They will keep her on the list, fingers crossed.
Apologies from Rita, she is enjoying still being in touch and will join us when she can.

We welcomed Chris, Henry now walking and Hannah. Lovely to see them.

Noni told us that Beryl is bravely getting on with it.Slowly drying out.
Noni had also recieved a call from Pat Durnall.
Anne Dodd had an operation for carpel tunnel syndrome last week. I have been in touch with Albert.We send her love hope all going well.
Wendy Hilton was unwell last week, went to Wythenshaw by ambulance. Lots of tests. I must ring her to find out the results. Chris who lives near told us he has seen her about.

Marie did the prayer for us. Anyone prepared to do next week’s prayer, please let me know.

Cordelia is pressing on with her learning curve to help with vaccinations. Now attached to St John’s Ambulance.

Maureen told us about the World Day of Prayer at the beginning of March. I will send the details on separate mail.

Noni reminded us that Rachel Robert’s father filled in for a time as Rector, long ago when James was on a sabbatical.

Janet asked everybody if they were on the list to recieve the magazine. If they were not and wanted one to let her or Peter Bean know.
You will be aware subs are now due to Peter Bean.

The next Zoom Service is as you know February 14th 10.30 am.
If you are not in receipt of Rector’s letter you may need the access code. I have it or contact Rector.

Maybe next time if there is time, it might be interesting to know what everybody did in the big wide world? We could make a start!

As usual hope everything is included!

Fiona will let you have next week’s Zoom connection.

Fiona and Janet

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