Zoom Social – 26th January 2021

Happy hour yesterday.
We had a get to-gether as usual.
Think we should register Sally’s apologies we know she is doing a granny sit with Edie on a Tuesday.
It was great to have so many taking part I think it was 15.Sadly Ann Rowntree had connection difficulties.
It is so good to have Rita joining us.Everybody glad she is settling into her new home.Maybe one day she will be able to meet the neighbours.?
It was really nice to see Chris and Henry. Henry so sweet. Also to catch a glimpse of Hannah.
It was Joyce’s Birthday on Monday, we all send her a belated Happy Birthday. We were ready to do a disjointed sing!

June Currie is now at home with a care package. Marie has been in touch with June’s daughter.
June is very frail. They would prefer no phone calls at the moment. If any body would like to send a card that would be good.

Everybody who attended our first Zoom service on Sunday felt it was very thoughtful and to the point for the times we are in. Thank you Recter for offering this change of direction.
At the PCC meeting on Thursday, it is expected we will decide the church will not be open now until mid March. It is planned to hold a Zoom Service on February 14th, after Recter has had a break.
After that it is expected there will be weekly Zoom services on Sunday for a time.

Janet read a prayer written by Anne Austin. It was published in the last MU Diocesan Magazine.
Noni mentioned there is a very good quiet time produced by the MU at 12.00 pm daily on Facebook. Marie is going to offer a prayer next time.

Cordelia offered an insight into her detailed training to do vaccinations. Many people have had their first vaccination.

Janet & Fiona xx

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