Christmas 2023 Appeal for Oasis

Thank you all for your generous gifts of Harvest food for the people of Oasis.  Now I am asking again – this time for Christmas!  Please look to see if you have any items or unwanted gifts that could be sold in the shop (everything there is either £1 or 50p) so that people can buy gifts for their loved ones at a fair price.  Victoria, our founder, has spoken of her fears that this is the time of year when loan sharks get their grip on those who cannot afford it as there is so much pressure to buy.  If you can help here, please do!

Also, food items such as tins and packets of tea and coffee and pasta are needed to provide Christmas cheer for those with the least.

These can be left in the basket to the left of the door at St Mary’s church, or dropped off in my porch.  I volunteer in the education department at Oasis every Monday so there is a weekly delivery!  Sometimes I arrive with a real car load and it is always so gratefully received. 

Thank you

Lesley Marsh


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