The Oasis Centre at Christmas

Thank you on behalf of Oasis at Christmas

Thank you very much for all the gifts of food which I have taken to Oasis to provide additional food for some of the most needy in Manchester this Christmas. They were most gratefully received.

Maureen & Jack Woolley and I enjoyed a lovely carol concert at the New Oasis centre on Wednesday 15 December. The “choir” have been trained by members of the Halle Orchestra who visit the centre each Wednesday – and the results were beautiful and very moving. We also had some lovely flute and violin playing including that by the musician in residence at Gorton Monastery.

And thank you for the wool! The craft club at Oasis now has a lot to go at, which will keep them busy for many months! We do not need any more now, thank you.

It is really heartwarming to ask for things for Oasis and then to see them appear so quickly. I feel proud to be associated with St Mary’s Church, as it is constantly generous and kindly disposed to Oasis.

Many thanks on behalf of everyone there.


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