Spare Wool?

Oasis – October 2021 – call for any spare wool please!  – and Christmas!!

Oasis has now been fully open for three months and it is great to be a volunteer there each Monday.  The ESOL classes (English for Speakers of Other Languages) have begun on a Monday afternoon and I have a nice little beginners group of Moroccans and Syrians.  There was such a huge demand for these sessions that they now extend into Thursday, and we are turning away those who are “too good” – ie are able to speak English fairly well.  Sadly the  ESOL courses at the local colleges are full, hence the massive demand.

All the gifts and cast offs that I bring and those that are given to Maureen and Jack Woolley are received with huge gratitude.   Stuff from St Mary’s goes like hot cakes in the shop and other items are sold on eBay to reach their true value.  In the shop everything is either 50p or £1 so that our clients can afford to buy and have the pleasure of choosing.  There are also emergency food and clothes parcels given out.

On Monday I was talking to one lady, Linda, who said how she enjoys the craft sessions on a Tuesday (which I do not see) and how she has loved learning to crochet.  But she finds buying wool expensive and it would be marvellous if anyone has any oddments they don’t need to contribute.  Thank you in anticipation.

I also hope gifts of non perishable food can be left in church to build up for Christmas parcels to the most needy there.

Thank you all very much for continuing to support this excellent centre.

Lesley Marsh                                                                                                              27.10.21

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