Social Zoom Update – 25th August

Dear all

Just to let you know news from Hellie.

Janet is still in Macclesfield and hoping they will soon think she is okay to go home but currently on antibiotics so not until they are finished. No other treatment planned.

Hellie is taking in cards and reading emails to Janet. She says lots of chat is welcome about what you are all doing.

Janet sends her love to you all

Hellie says Janet is very well cared for and accepting of the position and looks very well.
She is in a ward so has people to chat to.

TEATIME ZOOM, the regulars do not plan to be on zoom on the Tuesday after the Bank Holiday so will resume on Tuesday 7th. Let me know if you want the link.

All the weddings recently have gone well , including Megan’s in Germany which Peter and Fiona R were happily able to be part of.
Lydia W and Jonathan had their wedding last Saturday.

I’m sure we all wish them all well as they start married life.

The 200 draw….. the August and September draws will take place in Sept.

The afternoon teas put on by the Parish Council to support the costs of running the hall have been increasingly successful.

We had a lovely family get together and being a large number had pre-booked with Angela F and Jenny S for tea.

The team have worked enormously hard to achieve this success. Our thanks to them.

The final tea is Sunday 29th and the Church will also be open from 2-4 pm.

The services continue at 9.45 am and on Zoom.

Hoping for some sunny weather for the Bank Holiday.


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