Zoom Social Review – 3rd August 2021

Better attendance this week
People coming and going.

Firstly we all send love to Ann D, do hope she is more comfortable.
Do not know of anyone else needing cheery support.

Cordelia sent a happy email sends her love to everybody.Hopes to see us soon.

I expect everybody is aware Rector is on leave for the next 2 Sundays.
Rachel will be taking our Services.
There was a wedding last week hope you enjoyed the flowers. 2 weddings this week, hope to enjoy the flowers again

I am sure everybody is aware of the special afternoon teas on Sundays in August 2 til 4.
Being run by the PC for the hall funds

The on going future of the hall is very important to our community.
Please consider suppprting the teas? It matters.

Fiona X. Janet X

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