Social Zoom Review – 1st June 2021

Another glorious day. Hope everybody making the best of it.Way of life changing gently, back the new normality.
Apologies from Fiona.
Less people are actually taking part on Tuesday.They are now back to their normal routines.But many people regularly mail me during the week.I do still need to know if anybody needs help or support please.Tuesday is still a lifeline for some of us who can’t get about for many reasons.It is really good to have a catchup.

It was good to have Jean L with us, she has mastered Zoom – certain amount of help which we were able to sort as we went along.

Margaret is progressing slowly with determination.

John and Elizabeth W also managing.John is a credit to us all.

June C has had another fall, not done any damage, but knocked her feeling of security.

Ann R managing to deal with her workload, last time I spoke to her she was more comfortable with her back. Doing Physio exercise with a smile!

Jean W daughter Lydia has had a nasty accident, knocked of her bike in London I learnt about this yesterday.Need to find out more.Gather her face has been badly damaged.

Steph went last week for checkup and scan. The result of her last treatment relatively good.She does not have to go back for 8 weeks.Special love to Steph.

Mark has mentioned it would be good to offer a drink after church again. Plans are being worked on as to how we could action this. The big question is help, basically we need a younger team. Any offers or ideas really welcome. Many of us have been doing it for years, age and infirmities have caught up. Please let me or Fiona know if you feel able to help or with any suggestions.

We are planning to have a lunchtime get together on Tuesday July 20th. Please consider if you would like to join in. It will be at the Drum and Monkey. Plenty of outside covered space. Good parking. Easy walking. Anybody welcome. Maureen knows the system and will organise the booking and arrangements
All for now.
Fiona X. Janet X

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