Social Zoom 25th May 2021

Bit late with this information this week.I was unable to join in because there was a selection of special tea party’s for members of WinF ( Wives Fellowship )
This also affected several others who often join our merry gang.
Before I could write this I had to collect bits of information.?

Maureen gave me notes.

Margaret has had her operation,All is well.Marie has been to see her since she went home.
She has had several cards.For which thankyou from Margaret.
I have spoken to Margaret this morning, wanted to know all the church update.!

Beryl B son has had an unpleasant time with a vicious Abcess.Been in hospial.
Now home. Marie also been to see Beryl.

I have heard from Sally this week really good to have news.Love to all.

Cordelia also kindly sending her info.Really nice to know what she is up to.She also sends love to everybody.

The Warehams slowly getting on. John working hard at getting stronger.

The special new look Family Service was appreciated last Sunday.It is a beginning.Thankyou to
Recter and Rachel.We need to make a beginning so people are aware we are offering a children friendly service. The fact that we have no children at the moment is understood,Please bear with us.We are all children at heart.??

Maureen tells me she mentioned the idea of perhaps some of us going out to lunch.
Thought maybe The Plough and Flail. Good parking, not too much walking.
Will be bringing the idea up again.Tuesdays appear to be a popular day.As far as dates are concerned I thought from June 29th. Please give your thoughts.

Hope to see you next week.

Fiona X. Janet.X

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