Social Zoom Review – 11th May

Experiment this week as Fiona and Will have gone to Beaumaris for a few days.
Fiona set Zoom up for easy access.So we managed without her.Maureen and I had a practice to make sure it all worked. No problems!

There are a few people who have regular apologies.In the main they keep up with me on a regular basis.
Cordelia sends love to everybody.
Gail the same.Looking forward to seeing people again.Sends love.
She has her second vaccine this week.Clive has had his.

Margaret has been for her premed.One or two things still to be sorted.Fingers crossed all will be well.

Marie apologise for this week.
Elizabeth W and John are settling into their gentler life.John is improving.
Ann R.also settling into her new house.
Beryl E out and about
When Fiona returns she is going to help Jean L manage Zoom .This will be good.
Ronelda told us Charles is slowly recovering from his severe chest infection.

I think 27 in Church last week + some helpers.
I know there was 14 on Zoom.Things are improving with Zoom sound. Few tweaks needed?
A huge thank you to all involved.
Next Sunday night Recter and Rachel are doing Evening Service through St Philips on Behalf of our Benefice.Will let you have details when we have them.

Oasis is to have a special fund raising?Details I will send you.Some may already know about it.
Both Lesley and Cordelia have forwarded the information to me.

Maureen wonders if it would be nice to have a simple Pub lunch to-gether after the 17th.?
Think about it.?

The draw for the 200 club for May will happen very soon.Slight hitch.?

From what I hear many are now in touch with one another this is good.
Life gradually returning to a different normality.

I understand the Hall loos will be open for use when the church is being used after the 17th.
This has been a concern to many.

Been sitting in the sun,gone now?

Love to all from Fiona and Me

FionaXX Janet XX

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