Zoom Social – Tuesday 19th January

Think we need a red weather alert for Alderley area
I understand you need to negotiate Welsh Row in a boat!
Huge potholes full of water.

Beryl has water creeping in under her back door!!

Hellie and Sami are on a mop out the cellar campaign in wellies. Ever since we have owned the house this happens in extreme conditions.

Again we had a good meeting.
Apologies from Elizabeth W, Sally and Edie, Rita from afar & Rector. 14 present.
Recter very busy with parish affairs.
Rita sends love to everybody. She loves to see everybody.
Elizabeth W had had a birthday yesterday. We all hoped she had enjoyed her day and were thinking about her. Had our singing voices ready and waiting.

Maureen read a lovely poem about rainbows. Maureen left us to go for her vaccination. Several present had had their vaccinations. Many stories to tell!

Marie had had contact with June Currie’s daughter. June is in a nursing home in Poynton getting stronger and a care package is being organised. Janet had sent a card on behalf of the church. Marie also sent a card.

Janet had had mails with Lesley regarding Oasis. Important to keep up with their sadly slow progress at this time. Lesley thought the new building was impressive when she went before Christmas. Paid staff are on Furlough. They are in 2 teams at the moment doing what is necessary. They ring clients weekly. They send customised activities where required. They get referrals from other agencies. Deliveries are done as requested. Just waiting to serve the community as before. We note Oasis is the only charity the church supports in any meaningful way. Maureen understands people who support Oasis regularly will soon be getting a month report.

Janet also has had an update regarding the hall. She has been in contact with the PC. Many will know the refurbishment has been passed by Cheshire East. We await the grant of a faculty.
The hall is being regularly cared for and checked. For the time being the JMC will continue.
There will not be an AGM this year. The accounts are being finalised. It is not expected to open the Hall until April or May.

Our first Zoom service will be held Sunday January 24th 10.30 am.I hope everybody has the necessary detail for this.

We spent time in divided rooms, this is always fun.

Hope that is all!
Watching Joe Biden now.!!

Love Janet & Fiona

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