Zoom Social – 12th February 2021

We held our weekly Zoom Social get together yesterday.

It is really good to see Rita Brown when she can join us from her new home.
Ann Rowntree did not make it due to unforeseen circumstances.
Elizabeth Skelton and Elizabeth Fairhurst sent apologies.
Marie Stonehewer disappeared due to a power cut??

Sally joined us for a while with Evie aged 1. This was lovely light relief!!
The third week we have had a small member of the future generation with us.

There is always lots to talk about. Janet reported she had talked to Jean Lee who would in future recieve the weekly resume. Anne Dodd and Janet have had telephone calls. Jan Abbott had emailed to say how much she appreciated the contact. Janet had spoken to Pat Durnall and Brenda Howard on the phone in the last week.
If anybody knows where June Currie is it would be good to know. It is thought she maybe in a nursing home?
Janet has 7 people she sends copy of the resume to via Email.

There was much discussion as to who had had their Vaccinations. Good progress appears to be being made with the 90’s and well into the 80’s.

We try to have a theme to look at, this week it was, how do you spend your lockdown day. Interesting?

Janet reported that until Ash Wednesday Feb.17th the church will not be open for services.
This has to be agreed by the PCC probably known by Friday. Rector had reluctantly come to this decision. This is following the pattern of the most churches in the Deanery at this time.
We will hopefully be having a Zoom service on Sunday 24th January and Sunday 14th February
Rector will not be available the two Sundays in between.
The Zoom services will be for St Mary’s and St Catherine’s together, time expected to be 10.30.

Now we are in tight lockdown again, it is so good to have a laugh and a chat. To most of us the Church community is such an important part of our lives. I feel we are really getting to know each other.

Fiona and I are thinking of you all.
We owe a debt of gratitude to Fiona for fighting with the wonders of Zoom.
Marvellous how our brains are coping with the modern miracles.
Needs must when the devil drives!

Fiona will send the zoom link for next week.

Janet X

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