Social Zoom – 5th January 2021

There were 13 regulars. Apologies from Marie and Elizabeth W.
We were delighted to see Chris Sweetman and Henry for a while. Henry now 11 months.
Chris doing his Grandpa in charge day. Also saw Hannah in the back ground.

We always have plenty to talk about.! It is good to know what everybody is up to.

Ann Davis said she had been telling Jean Lee about our meetings. I am going to contact Jean see if she would like copy of the resumes. We were pleased to hear Ann’s grand daughter is recovered after Covid.

Maureen is keeping contact with Beryl Essayan. Max who has been in Macclesfield for some weeks will soon be going to rehabilitation care.

Cordelia is offering her help in many ways to the NHS, by no means the least to help with vaccinations.

June Currie has had a fall, battling to get going, waiting for Physio.I think she broke her arm.

Janet told everyone Recter had done a report regarding the way ahead at this time.
She related a few items.
At the moment Services will remain as announced..Following instructions carefully
organised worship can take place, it is up to individuals and their decision what to do.
Recter will be doing his morning prayer on FaceBook Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. This has already started.

Recter is being extremely careful regarding contact with people.
His son is living at the Rectory with long term Covid. At this point of time he is not making much progress.Recter is also very aware of his daughter and her new baby.
Fiona and I have related to him we are all thinking of him and his family.

Michael and Sami are removing the Christmas Tree tomorrow. In case anyone does not know
Sami is my grandson, they are good buddies ! Sami is strong!
The nativity will remain in church until the end of January. Being removed around Candlemas.

Fiona and I want to be sure our faithful friends are up to date with activities,

At the moment we intend to carry on with these get togethers,Wonder if sometimes we should have a meeting on another day. Sally will in future be looking after Evie ( aged 1 year) on a Tuesday.
We are however faced with another lockdown . Our friendship and togetherness is so important.

For interest I have heard today Paddy Keats is going on Saturday to the Wilmslow Health Clinic for her Vaccination, Paddy is 95.


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