Social Zoom – 29 December 2020

We had a small but happy get-together yesterday. It was good Mark joined us with Amelia.
It was Amelia’s 4th birthday. How time flies, she happily joined in and we sang a disjointed Happy Birthday!

Apologies from Cordelia and Tracy it was also Tracy’s birthday, we were ready to do a second rendition of Happy Birthday if they made it.
Also from Elizabeth W. and Rita who will join us when she can in the New year. Ronelda hopes to be with us next week.

Mostly just talk about what we had been up to!

Ann D told us about her Grand-daughter who had contracted Covid and been cared for at home, had it quite badly but hopefully turning the corner.
Mark reported that probably 10 families attended the Crib Service.

We decided to meet again next week. If only a few take part it does not matter. It is proving a good way of letting everybody know how we all are getting on in these uncertain times.

It just remains to wish everybody a Peaceful and Happy New year from Fiona and me. The News is improving every day. Long may it be so.


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