Zoom Social – Tuesday 22nd December 2020

Time moving on ??

Hope everybody enjoys our get togethers.
Sure we will be carrying on for a while yet.
Certainly until life gets back to some kind of normality.

Apologise from Sally, Ann D.Rector.
Ann had to go for a Covid Test, someone in her family had tested positive, do hope that was clear.

It was lovely to welcome Noni, Cordelia and Rita. Do hope they will be able to join us again.
Rita from her new home in Chipping Camden.

Rector tells me his family problems are getting easier.Getting used to caring for a new baby is never easy.

Ann Rowntree told us she is on with a move to a bungalow in Wilton Crescent, i am sure she will be glad to be in our midst again?

I relayed Lesley’s thanks for the wonderful support in the form of goods assorted for Oasis.
Cordelia felt her Mother would be delighted to feel we are working hard to keep the connection she set up going.

Everybody will be amused to know we finished with our discordant rendition of
‘We wish you a merry Christmas.’

We decided to meet next week for anyone who wishes to have a chat.Same time same place.
Fiona will let you have the Zoom connection information.

A peaceful Christmas to everybody.
Fiona and I feel really delighted our idea is working so well.
Out of interest I now have 12 people I keep up with who do not do Zoom.Or do not have communication facilities.


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