Rector Writes – October 2019

Early in September I wrote to everyone on the church Electoral Roll. The letter includes an appeal for greater giving so that we are not hobbled by a deficit in the future – a deficit that will drain our reserves.

Each parish church is given the responsibility for paying its own way. If our benefice of St.Mary’s Alderley and St.Catherine’s, Birtles can pay its own way we won’t have to join another parish. Paying our way means paying our parish share – most of which pays me – and paying all our bills, without dipping into our reserves. With 186 people on our church Electoral Roll, and an annual shortfall of £28,000, that’s £150 each to pay this year and succeeding years in addition to current giving. £150 each to pay per year, is £12.50 per month. Thank you to everyone who has increased their giving to St.Mary’s Church.

All parish churches are in the same boat – except that parishes in the wealthier areas – such as us – pay more in parish share, to cover parishes which are urban deprivation areas – to make sure that they still have parish clergy, even though they can’t pay for them. It’s all accounted for by the Diocesan office: you can find it online.

Our benefice of Alderley and Birtles needs to pay its full parish share – which we do – and pay all other costs – without having to take from reserves. Reserves are there because of the significant responsibility of the St.Mary’s Church building. The costs over and above parish share are insurance, utilities, my expenses, building maintenance, grounds maintenance, keeping the office going, keeping church services going.

I know it is a shock that St.Mary’s is in the red, but we all know now.

I know that you may be unable to give more than you do currently.

But some on the Electoral Roll will be able to increase their giving by £150 a year / £12.50 per month.

We must accept the responsibility that is ours.

The Revd Jon Hale

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